Ayr: St Columba Church

From the Minister

It is my privilege to minister here in this congregation where worship is at the very heart of our life together. Offering a diversity of styles, formal and informal, we experience the mystery of God, hear and wrestle with His word, share Christ's presence in the Sacraments, feel God's love in the community, and leave strengthened to live and serve in the world.

I like to think that we practice a radical welcome, trying to live as a faith community in the way Jesus lived in His life and ministry. I suppose most of us are searching for something larger than ourselves - for connections that are real and meaningful. St Columba offers you the opportunity to go a bit deeper and discover a warm, caring community, and a place to belong while you get to know us and what we stand for. At all times you will be shown respect for where you are on your faith journey, whether that means you want to take it slowly and tentatively, or jump right in.

-Revd. Fraser R. Aitken, M.A, B.D.